Thursday, January 29, 2015

You've got mail

I adore the movie "You've got mail" in fact, it's one that Jack and I never ever get tired of watching together. I mean, what is it about Tom Hanks? He can do and act ANYTHING how do you go from Joe Vs the Volcano to Captain Philips? Or Money Pit (one of my all time favorite Tom Hanks movies) to Forrest Gump? The man is amazing. Then there is Meg Ryan who although hasn't ever played extreme roles, is in her own right absolute perfection. I could Never ever ever get sick of Meg Ryan. She is Americas sweetheart and always will be. Okay, love that right? What I did there? I just showed my undying love for those two humans. Perfect movie matched magic. 

There is a different "You've got mail" I love. The actual mail. Not the mail through your gmail account (that mail is annoying). I am talking the walk out to your mail box with a skip in your step mail. I look forward to it everyday! The bills stink. But when there's a package, or a card from a friend. Really, Nothing better. 

It's the simple joys in life right? Like the perfect song on the radio on a beautiful sunny day. Or the sun streaming through an open window (you better believe you'll find me there curled up like a cat). 

Or as we speak this little beautiful (screaming) creature who is simply pleased to sit in this box rummaging through her collected loot. 

Back to life. It's a beautiful day. 


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