Wednesday, March 13, 2013


On March 6th, 2013 we headed to St Marks Hospital. After three days of strong labor contracting, and two days after my due date, my doctor scheduled us in to get this baby moving! My plan with this little bundle was to go "natural". I prepped for this day for months: meditation, hypno relaxation, herbs, and books. I decided to not go with a mid-wife because I really thought all I needed was my intuition and Jack.

At 10:00 am they broke my water. Through all the heavy contractions I stayed positive and mostly relaxed by bouncing on my birthing ball and reverting to my practiced squatting positions. By 2:00 pm, the previous three day's of contracting plus the onslaught of Pitocin was enough to cause my body to convulse, and I could no longer relax through the never ending stream of contractions.

 I remember Jack handing me my headphones for more meditation and nearly chucking them saying, "This was the worst idea EVER!". This was followed by the pleading with tears, "I am done, I am done. My body is so tired, I need the epidural.". Jack remembered we had rehearsed many times that at whatever cost, "Don't let me get the epidural.". However, Jack and I had established a "safe word" that meant I was dead serious. So, Jack in his calm sweet way tried give me my positive re-enforcement "Honey, you are strong, you can do this," to which I quickly replied the safe word, "SANTA"S GOT A BRAND NEW BAG!" (from the movie ELF). I had hit my max.

Let me also just say that all the nurses started setting up for baby because surely someone who was screaming in that much pain was about to transition and have a baby! They checked my dilation and I was still a 7 (I'd been a 7 for the last 5 hours). By 3:30 pm I decided to get the epidural (both a sad and happy moment). But I really didn't and still don't regret it. I was listening to my body and I literally had nothing left. 

Dr. Watt's and the nurse's were amazing through it all. I was left alone when I wanted no one around and I was given support and bolstered up when needed. I have never had a doctor stay with me and check on me as much as my doctor did. Sitting with us and talking with us distracted me from pain and at one point he wiped my face after I threw up. I planned to go to the hospital for the sake of keeping my baby safe and using our insurance without relying on anyone else. But I am so glad for the people who stood by me through it all.

Everyone who came in and out of our room that entire day was required to leave their poll on the white board of "boy" or "girl". As it stood right then, "boy" was up 6 votes to 4. I was convinced it would be a baby boy, Jack was convinced it was a girl.

I was now calm and my epidural did not take away the feeling in my legs; I could move them about freely and it allowed me to feel when and how to push baby. 

 6:45 pm, I was ready to push.

Everyone was so excited when they saw dark hair. "Here comes baby, look at the dark hair!"

One big push and the head was out.

Here's the baby...drum roll...Dr. Watts whipped the baby over and spread those tiny legs. We screamed and cried...It's a GIRL!!!

Girl? I was shocked, I didn't dare even hope for another girl. But there she was, our little girl (I have probably repeated "I can't believe we have another girl" a million times since then).

I have never felt a moment so real. Jack was my light through all of this and I cannot understand how I was so lucky to have found him and share these moments together.

These past nine months of wondering who was growing in my tummy, dreaming of names but never calling my belly a name, and then just like that, there she was. Our little girl, dark hair and wide eyed. They immediately placed her on my chest and, just like that, we were together again. 
Katherine Kay Roberts
 born 3/6/2013 at 7lbs 3 oz. 19 inches.
 Our fourth child 
We love our beautiful perfect Kate


OUR Coop said...

So sorry you didn't get to do the "natural" thing but I think carrying and giving birth to a beautiful Heatlhy baby is as Natural as it gets :) Congrats and I love her name it is beautiful and perfect!!!

The Huffs said...

So exciting Sarah! I have been waiting for this post every day. Hope you are doing well.

-tracy said...

she is precious and perfect.
I cannot wait to meet her.
love you.

Jodi said...

I love birth stories. I am glad you are happy with the way things turned out, I think they only thing that matters is getting baby from belly to arms and doing it however you want and need it to be! So it was a total success!

S.DAY said...

Go sarah! You rock sister! And yay for another GIRL!!!! Congrats!!!!

Anne Peay said...

So happy for you. I'm sorry about the darn labor and not being able to go natural. So been there done that. Sounds like even though the plan didn't go as planned it all worked out. She is beautiful.

Angie said...

So happy for you! Epidural or not you are still strong and I'm glad you listened to your body. That is what is most important! Relax and let yourself recovery and enjoy your new little one!!!

Rachel Messel said...

Congratulations Sarah! She is beautiful! How fun to have another darling little girl!