Monday, March 18, 2013

Meeting Kate

Harry kisses Kate a thousand times a day and gives her just as many hugs

Jane adores Kate kissing her a million times too, being a little mommy has become second nature to her. She also calls her "Cake" yummy.

Are we surprised Everett loves her? He is the sweetest big brother you could ask for

How am I doing? Recovery has been great. Lack of sleep? Yes. Kate is not a fussy baby but she sleeps better with me...Which means I don't sleep from about 2am till 7am.

 A household of 6 is madness, we are all trying to adjust to our different routine of life. I am finding it hard to get anything done at all, sad thing is there is so much to be done all the time. I would love to just cuddle Kate on the couch all day but its hard to just spend time with one child and not the others, so my sleepless nights when its just me and Kate I treasure, our alone time.

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