Thursday, March 28, 2013

little warming moments

Jack has been gone this week leaving me home for the first time...Alone with 4 kids. Funny story about this weeks business trip, Jack left early Tuesday morning Texas bound, I get a phone call when he lands saying "Hey honey, guess what? I am a day early for my business trip".  Awesome so instead of Jack being home Wednesday night I get him home a day later, which is tonight yay!

How have we passed the time? Surprisingly we have stayed busy, it must have something to do with this amazing weather which has put our almost every waking moment outdoors whether it be in our backyard, parks, or just driving around. Its been heavenly. Days like today a nice 71 degrees just warms my old little soul.

Which now brings me to the story that happened on Tuesday and is still warming my soul and heart.

 Tuesday I gathered all the kids up for our morning routine which involves me getting out of bed around 10:00 am, these up all nights are rough. As we ran around the house getting fed and dressed, I felt empowered to conquer this day of no husband and make it "EPOC". We loaded into the car to get to school. We pull up. Empty School. Spring Break. I am awesome.

Instead of having an outing to Sam's club for a much needed grocery trip with 2 kids I am having to now take all 4. This is when total dread steps in, but what am I going to do right? We gotta eat.

Sam's Club + 4 kids = Sucess. 

I know, I don't even know to this day how it happened. Thank you Grocery store Angels for this was truely a miracle.

Then to the park (heart warming story ahead) Everett, Harry and Jane jumped out of the car and headed for the playground. Everett proceeded to run across the huge soccer field next to the park with Harry, both racing to the end, which was quite far. Jane then looks at me and says "I go? jibber jabber" (thats how she talks about two words and the rest is jibberish) Jane starts to run and run, the boys had no idea she was trying to catch up with them. It wasn't until they reached the other end of the field and turned around that they saw their sister. Their response "Jane!" both boys bolt towards her and there I watch all three of my children embrace one another as if they had not seen each other in a long time, a group hug of sibling love. 

I hope they always love each other as much as I witnessed in that moment in the middle of that empty soccer field. 


These two might love each other too much sharing a bath towel...Wierd. 
I need to submit this to awkward family photos

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