Monday, February 15, 2016

Learning to listen

Hey, I am trying this out again. I feel like I have so much in my heart and mind to say, but i fall short and end up closing my mouth. I am not putting expectations on myself for this blog. Because heaven knows i don't need another reason to feel like i am failing in life! :)

I am just going to dive in.

subject: KATE aka: Kitty, aka: Kitty Whitty, aka: Crazy Kate

Before I had Kate, I had every confidence in myself that I was a great mom. I had some bad days with Everett, Harry, and Jane, but for the most part we had great days. I thought I was really good at my job of being a mother, and all that comes with balancing it all. Then I had Kate, my fourth, and then we moved to another state away from family. All I can really say is, that in the last almost three years I have never felt like such a failure at my job. I thought I had amazing kids, because i was an amazing mom. Turns out I just had REALLY easy kids as my first three.

Kate, Kate, Kate. Wow, she is teaching me so much about patience. We mostly butt heads. I will tell you what, she is the most stubborn human I have ever met in my entire life. Lucky for her she has really easy going siblings and a mother who doesn't give in to her antics.

I think she is going to be amazing with this stubbornness. I think most confident, successful people were probably the most hard children to parent --Please tell me thats true. lol

bottom line. Love her. she is one amazing girl. I have never met a little girl with such Pazazz, and i mean that. She is hilarious. sweet. ambitious. determined. opinionated. and theatrical most of all.

Below are pictures taken a few Sundays ago, Where the sun was shining, we went to church, I made our traditional big sunday dinner, while hearing the kids playing and laughing outside, and well, it was just a beautiful day. I love my job.

Have a wonderful day!


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