Wednesday, February 17, 2016

No bake Peanut Butter Bars, hell yes

Hey there!

 I am getting back on the health band wagon...Yeah, it's about time. My biggest weakness as I am sure so many have, is SUGAR! Gah. The crack cocain of food. 

Instead of not having it at all, which just makes me angry, I am on the hunt for something healthy and indulgent at the same time... That doesn't seem possible right? Well it is! Win win! I introduce you to the No bake Peanut butter bars! Holy amazing! I love these. So. Good.

I whipped these up last night. So easy!

Notice I use the same bowl to mix all three layers? Another Win. 

Little sneaky taste tester hands are my favorite

I can't take credit for these yummy beauties (wish I could!) I'll always give credit where credit is due. I adore, creative people and their strengths, so Hop on over to this cute girls blog here to get the full recipe!

Also, I keep mine in my fridge so they don't melt. Then I just tiptoe over five times a day... Okay six, and sneak little squares.  


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