Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween 2015

I am trying to be better at posting all the pictures I take and writing on this blog more. Truth be told, i am intimidated by writing. I always admire beautiful writing, but I feel like I am tone deaf in this area. I know how I want it to sound, but often feel like it doesn't come out that way. 

So, here I am. Not a great writer. maybe with practice I will be? Only time will tell I guess.

Halloween this year for us was great. We had the Trunk or Treat a week before Halloween. Since we have 2.3 million costumes constantly bulging from the dress up drawers, I told the Tribe we were re-using costumes this year, or they could dress up as something as long as it wasn't buying a brand new costume. So, back to the Trunk or Treat, all the kids opted for last years costumes. Jack and I dressed like Adriane and Rocky Balboa, apparently Jack got many concerned looks with his fake black eye, which only means that I am a wizard with makeup! :) Many photos to ensue. 

Halloween night was a whole different story. Don't ask me exactly how, but all kids (aside from Kitty) ended up with a new light saber (Thank you do their Dad) and I grabbed them some robes so they could be Star Wars, Luke Skywalker, Anakin, and if you ask Jane she was "Darf Vador". I love this age. I love their hilarious homemade costumes. I love how happy their new light sabers made them. I loved watching Jack act out battle scenes with all his children throughout the house. This season of life is the absolute hardest and best.  

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