Monday, October 26, 2015

Now is a good a time as any

I am going to start to jumpstart my blog again. I realize as much as Instagram is so handy dandy, I really am missing out on documenting stories, feelings, and the darn cutest things or not so cute things said by my kids. I also feel frustrated that I am not a good writer, I love reading blogs that I can hear their personality in what they write. Well this is me. Not a pro writer. But a girl who needs a a lot less reasons to not do something, and more reasons to say why the hell not.

So lets start, shall we?

Our Magical Pumpkin Patch

Last week we ventured back to our
favorite pumpkin patch (its not a tradition until you have repeated the trip, now we have, now its a "tradition" Yay!) from our last magical visit last October. The wonderful magical thing about this place is that has "homemade" written all over it. It's the kind of spot that you hope to find, the kind of sweetness you see in movies. It's like the first sip of the best hot cocoa. You can't quite pin point why it so delicious, all you know, is that you want to drink it all up and not give a tiny smidging sip to anyone else. I give you, Kadee Farms folks.

Watching our children run around this place made us so happy. I kept grabbing onto Jack, linking my arm in his arm, resting my head on his shoulder, and then giving out the most content sigh I would say, "isn't this just so perfect? So much better than those overpopulated, over priced places." or "Oh, I just love supporting places like this" etc.  Jack just loves how gushy and mushy these places make me. I can't help it. Places like this speak so deeply to my soul. Almost as if  I ran a place like this in another life. Oh, I just love it so. 

We left Kadee Farms with four happy little children, each with a face full of art for the first time. They had a Pony ride, a hayride, a train ride, ran through a maze, swung on homemade swings from old tall trees, and the vey favorite spot was the old 1960's Fire engine truck. We loaded up the back of the trunk with as much pine and oak wood that we could muster. Now, every time we build a fire this winter, we can remember that beautiful place we call "Ours"

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