Tuesday, January 27, 2015

There's a place for us

I am currently snuggled in a husband-less bed with two sickys. We have been sick here for a solid week now. Seriously? Since when is the flu not a 24 hr thing? It started with me, (lasted a week) then it moved to Jane and Kitty. Everett took his turn on Sunday and now Harry bear today and Jane is still feeling icky. I am telling you, nothing is worse than being sick yourself and then nursing your sick kids back to health, makes you so grateful for your health. Today despite the sickness everywhere the sun decided to shine bright and warm. As I ran a couple of errands getting vitamins for the Tribe I found myself belting out to Simon and Garfunkels "I am a Rock, I am and Island" with the windows rolled down, it felt oh so good! 

Then at 6:00 pm. All was quiet, all my sickys fell asleep in different places around the house, Harry cuddled up on the rug in Mommy's room, Jane on top of the coffee table with her pillow of course, Kitty up in her room, and Everett snuggled like a mummy on the sofa. 

My Household may be sick, but what a life this is. It's hard as hell don't get me wrong. But worth it right? All hard things are right? We keep telling that to ourselves right? ;)

As I closed down the house I headed outside to bring the garbage cans in from the curb (because I am trying so hard to be better at not procrastinating such tasks, and usually Jack does the garbage duty but he's been traveling so dang much) there it was. The most beautiful evening sky. 



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