Tuesday, January 13, 2015

To leave this world a sweeter place

My Great Aunt Eleanor passed away while we were in Utah. My sister Megan, her husband Aaron, and I were able to go and see her before she left us. Megan and I stood by her bed, held her hand and sang "You are my sunshine". 

She passed away a few days later on Christmas Day. 

Her funeral was so sweet. Photos displayed on tables of her life along with a few of her favorite things. Also a slide show playing of her life in photos. She was an incredible woman. She never married, but she was a mother and grandmother to many of her nieces and nephews, including me. She was and incredible academic. She got her Masters and Doctorate and taught as a professor at BYU in fabrics and fashion. Her life was inspiring. She inspired and loved all who surrounded her. She will be greatly missed. 

My Grandpa Jorgensen is so dear to my heart. We stood together arm in arm watching photos flip by of his beautiful little sister, watching her extraordinary life. 

As we said our goodbyes with tears in both our eyes he said "I am all that's left. It's just me now", I returned by saying "all of us in this room is what's left, it will never be 'just you'"  
I love my grandpa. I can't imagine out living your entire family. My Grandma has been gone for 28 yrs. Breaks my heart. Funerals always leave me wanting to live more full. To hear my great aunt Eleanor's life read out was incredible. That's how we should leave this earth right? Leaving it sweeter. Leaving inspiring. 

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