Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The best things happen when your dancing

Yesterday was our first trip to the park of the year. It felt oh so good! Warm enough to run and not get hot, but warm enough to just sit and bask in the sun (with a jacket;)) I loved watching Everett, Harry, and Jane chase and hide from each other and watch their little spirits break free in the open air. It was Magic and healing to my soul. Kitty as opinionated as ever but not independent pulled my little hand (her new favorite is "hand holding") up and through the playground maze. That's when I noticed them. 

A mother and son. The Son was grown to a teenager and seemed to me autistic.  The mother was probably not as old as she looked in age. She walked with a cane, but what I noticed about her was her sweetness. Her gentleness. She would labor to the spots her son was playing then would sit and write in what appeared to be her journal. Then I watched her as she communicated patiently to her son. and his response was always kind towards her. 

It filled my heart with so much joy. Then I watched as she pushed her teenage autistic son on the tire swing. 

Back and forth

Back and forth 

Back and forth 

How lucky were these two to have each other. How blessed was I to have been there to see it. 

That woman didn't even know it, but she taught a stranger to have more gratitude and patience and I will always remember her gentleness. I will Always remember our first day of the year at the park. 



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