Monday, January 5, 2015

You knock me off my feet

Christmas came and went. Our holiday was nothing short of perfection. We spent our Christmas in Utah with all of our family. The drive was...long 20hrs (brutal) Straight through the night. Our tribe really are the best troopers on planet earth! Kitty made her protests known (no surprise there) 

We were so grateful to be with family 

We were greeted on Christmas Morning with glorious snow. Santa delivered his gift and everyone opened with madness in their eyes. Oh, the snuggley feeling of Christmas, truly the best feeling ever. Magic I tell ya. 

We spent our time leading up to Christmas with Jacks family. Then it was off to my parents for Christmas Day. 

This is the amount of snow I remember from my childhood at Christmas. We were in heaven. It really just seemed too good to be true. I'll never forget the looks on all four of my kids faces as they took their first walk through the majestic wonderland. 

The best part of sledding was watching Jane go speedy down the hill giggling the entire way and then singing as she brought her sleigh to the top. My momma heart was bursting!

We went skiing with my patents for a day. I kept watching my amazing pro of a Dad glide down the hill and then would try to copy him....May or may not have times. Jack was amazing and my mom skis with absolute calculated perfection. 

What a prefect holiday right? We spent valuable time with family, Ate wonderful food, and recharged some much needed batteries. Nothing is more important than the moments we share. So many moments through or trip Jack and I just stopped and couldn't believe just how perfect these moments were. How important that we recognize the gifts of those "moments". As a family we focus on Christ the entire Christmas season (and all year) He is our very center. So much gratitude. 

Now it's time to somehow recover from such joy, Because even so much joy is exhausting.

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