Thursday, December 18, 2014

Because you can't make it sweeter than this

Janie had her nativity program at school. Normally I get to see these events by myself due to jack being out of town or at work. But this time he could come! Yay! We sat hand in hand while juggling kitty from lap to lap and watched our beautiful little angel. 

Our first little girl (Not kidding, she was by far the shortest girl up there). She is absolutely perfect in very single way. I always say "Jane, how did I get so lucky?" Her reply "B e c a u se! I don't know."-

I am so grateful for this beautiful Christmas season. How cool that Jack and I are in charge of creating the sweetest memories for our Tribe (no pressure eek!) I love being able to share the true meaning of Christmas with my little family.
 Every night we gather around the tree and talk about the true reason for the season. Now I am going to go kiss all my children a million times while they sleep. Cry my eyes out for joy. 

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