Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Being Pollyanna doesn't work all the time

Jack says I have been taking a lot of "selfies" lately. I tried to tell him that it's because its the only time I can get a picture of the kids. Because every time I try to take a picture of Jane she runs away on tip toe saying "no!" Then there is Kitty, when she sees my magical rectangle come out she runs at me and insists of seeing herself as we take the picture... which turns into another selfie.  I am going to have to be more ninja like....or something. Moving on. 

It's been rough this week I am not going to lie. In fact it has gotten so hard and down right challenging that Jack suggested I call my Dad and ask for advice on handling a "certain child" who shall remain nameless to protect his anonymity (it's Harry ;)) 

So I did. I called my dad.


"Love is what this child needs." Said my oh so wise father (He knows a thing or two about managing crazy children) "He  is having a hard time knowing his place in the family. It's Classic 'middle child syndrome'. LOVE and Lots of it. Outward affection." Then the little insecure little girl came out (she always comes out when she talks with her daddy, it's the snuggle up in Daddy's lap that will always be apart of her) "But dad, I always show him love. I scoop him up and kiss him. I play games with him. I say "I Love you" a millions times a day!" 

Then my patient father replied again with "love .....He needs more of it. He needs to be smothered in it" 

So! This week I am working on smothering one of my children with love. The others will get love as they always do. But this one he needs to stand out above the rest. The others know where they stand in the family and by golly this guy will know without a shadow of a doubt where stands. Which is in our arms. Give More Love. Don't let a moment slip by. 



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OUR Coop said...

Oh my!!! Bring tears to my eyes my Colton is your Harry. Something about being the middle. I just feel I can't give that kid enough. Oh motherhood is hard❤️ Love you