Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween and all that jazz

Today was actually the most accurate weather day we have felt on a holiday here in Texas (does that make sense?) The air was crisp. The excitement from the kids was tangable. We sang, danced, carved pumkins, went to a friends for dinner and tricked or treated with them and their kids. We came home tired from the day, left the candy on the couch for the switch witch ("excellent Smithers" says their health conscious Mom) and then as the amazing kids they are they fell asleep amazingly ZONK fast. And now, complete overload of pictures.  

These are from our ward trunk or treat
Jack and I always dress up every year but don't ever know what we will be until the  day of, and in this case it was pulled together about an hour before lift off. 

Mime. Inspector. That's how we role.

Kitty wouldn't come near Daddy with his mustache. As I was finishing up my makeup Jack called around the corner as I heard Kitty's uncomfortable cry "Watch out honey, Kitty freaked out at my mustache, she is REALLY going to freak out at your makeup" 

She literally didn't flinch

The Roberts Tribe Halloween!

This year we had

Ta da!

I just love that Jane Roberts. When all the other girls are dressing up as princess Elsa or any other princess. She runs around as toothless. Just love that girl. 

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OUR Coop said...

Man our kids need to be friends. My Karleigh was werewolf😂😂 and kambria is the girl of all girls. She was the princess😄 love it all and you and Jack looked perfect ❤️