Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We will always sit in the sunny spots

When I was little you could always find me sitting in the sunniest spots of the house. It was Too tempting to ever pass up, it always poured through the windows beckoning a visit. It was a feeling that was always constant to me. I could always count on the sunny spots. 

As winter came you could find me sitting right on top of the toasty metal vent. Oh the smell! The smell of the heater kicking on. Nothing better I tell you. Nothing better. How about making a hot air balloon of your Sunday dress? Yep that was my very favorite thing to do. I have many very favorite things from my childhood and now into my adulthood. When did I get here? Adulthood? Motherhood? Wifehood? 

Let's start writing again shall we? 

Well hello there. 


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