Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I love that little sister of mine.

This morning my little sister Megan welcomed her first baby into the world. It was a rough time getting him here, after some long hours of labor and then a c-section, baby and mama are doing great. I am so proud of my Megan. She amazes me constantly with her ability to always be honest and love others with all of her heart. She hasn't changed since she was a little girl which has always amazed me, still sweet, kind, loving, and beautiful. Now she is a mommy! How lucky for her little boy to have her as a mother. She is going to be an amazing one. 

Today in the excitement of the day (I have been bouncing off the walls in anticipation for the news) I sat down and wrote my sister a little bit of what I have learned in my last 7 years of being a mommy and having four children. I thought I would share it because it's something I wish I had known when I was a new mom. 

My dearest Megan, 

Today you are a new mommy! I am so overwhelmed with emotion knowing exactly how you are feeling. Your life has changed forever! You did it! You had a baby! The most incredible accomplishment and honor, and YOU did it. 

I remember laying in my hospital bed and thinking "I am so proud of myself"! You are amazing Megan, and I am so proud of you. I know your delivery didn't go according to plan, but your body did everything it was supposed to do, you brought LIFE into this world. You did it. You are a co-creator with God. How lucky and blessed is your little baby boy to have you for his mom. 

Megan, you are experiencing many emotions right now. Trust your instinct as your babies mother. Don't deny yourself the blessing of your "motherly intuition" the more choices you make on your babies behalf the stronger a mother you will become. Making choices through prayer for your family will remove the fear from your parenting, Because we know "fear" is not of the spirit. Don't let anyone make you afraid. People, friends, fellow mothers (now your in the group;)), some without meaning to and some with intent, will try and make you afraid. Remember to recognize that emotion, so that your aware that any descion you make will be of a sound heart and mind. You will know that YOU with the spirit and your husband have moved forward in faith. Your choices might be different from your peers, and that's okay, great even! Always know your choices, let them always be Yours. 

I love you Megan...... I am aching to hold that baby in my arms and rub your feet. 



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