Monday, April 7, 2014


Today was perfect. It was one of those days that I wanted to snatch up and store in a little old shoe box so when I am feeling blue I can pull it out and remember just how healing a good day can be. 

It started rainy and dark, which usually puts a grump in my step. The day threatened to keep us all under our covers. But as usual the kids aren't affected by the weather. I sent Everett on his way to school while Janey before eating any breakfast grabbed the play dough.  I love her morning look, her ratted up hair, pink wrinkled pajamas, and sleepy eyes. Oh how I love the "a night well slept look" on my kids faces in the morning. To me, it's a morning coffee. 

While jane created her play dough master piece Harry trudged down the stairs. He usually takes the cake for best hair in the morning, man that kid is good looking. He joined in the fun with jane. Kids laughing and enjoying each other's company was my cue to sneak back into my warm covers, tucking my cold toes up for warmth and like soothing melodic rain, I sat and listened to the best sound, love.

Now, I have had mornings start like this before and then it's fades into arguments, then soothing, and on and on. However today, well today there wasn't one argument that wasn't quickly resolved without my intervening. Words like "that's okay Harry" or " Sorry Jane" and my favorite "this is so fun" all d a y  l o n g. I am telling you, To have your children put others needs before their own was the sweetest energy to my heart. Because they were kind and loving it rubbed off everywhere.

We also are coming off of conference weekend. Yesterday was perfection. Ill blog about that next. 

But Today my job was easy. Today I was rewarded for my efforts. Today my house was a complete bomb zone and I didn't bat an eyelash. I would rather my home be a disaster full of happy kids. 

Then towards the end of our heavenly day Everett gave our family home evening lesson. He amazes me with his ability to read, understand , and then teach us what he has learned (honestly he is teaching me about the coolest things all the time). We read about Enos. Everett taught all of us about his incredible faith. Then he quizzed us all, it was awesome. 

Now my babes sleep tucked up in their beds. I can't help but feel immensely grateful for the feelings they have in their little minds before going to sleep. No regrets. No conflict. Just happy. 

I needed today. My kids validated me today. 

Our angels roamed our halls and danced in our footsteps today.  I say "our" angels because we are very aware or them in our home. 

And what a home it is. 

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