Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Harry bear

Yesterday Harry turned the big 5! What a kid. What a handsome, free spirited, fun, athletic kid! I am so amazed and proud at the boy he is becoming. I'm not going to lie, it's been a tough couple years with him. But what I love most about Harry is that you can always fix any problem with a hug, snuggle, and one on one time. 

He is always giving up what he has for his siblings, without a second thought. If he gets a treat from somewhere he immediately breaks it in half to give. We have loved his amazing spirit in our home. 

The night before his birthday jack and I crept around the house preparing for the birthday morning. We kept giggling and decorating talking about how lucky we are that we have these four amazing kids. It's amazing how quickly time seems to fly and stand still at the same time. There isn't one memory in my past that doesn't have my children wrapped up in it. Almost as if my mind only started storing memories when I became a mother. 
Nothing is better than waking up on Christmas morning and on your birthday! Harry was served his breakfast of choice in bed (tradition from my childhood).
He then un wrapped three presents of love. Starting with a Dallas football helmet and jersey from grandma and grandpa Roberts. 
He has yet to take off the jersey 

Then he opened the sweetest spy walkie talkies from grandma and grandpa Passey (he's in spy heaven)

Then came a new bicycle from the Roberts tribe (us). Harry along with Everett learned to ride a bike this week with no training wheels. In fact Harry has never rode a bike with training wheels. He is pure cool. 

He is fearless 

He is loving 

He is smart (can write his name among other things) 

He is supportive always encouraging others

We love you Harry bear! Today you share a most special day with the most special man on the planet, your Grandpa Passey. Who I am convinced gave you all of those amazing traits above. We love you and treasure you in our home. Go get 'em Bear Paws. 

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