Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Her first year

Kitty is 1 today. It's hard to believe she is one, but then it also seems like she has been apart of our family for much longer. It always amazes me how time seems to slip right on by despite our efforts to slow it down! But alas here we are, a year after I delivered my fourth most and second beautiful little girl, Katherine Kay.

Oh kitty, your first year was quite eventful! We moved from our sandy home when you were just 6 weeks old, to your grandma and grandpa Roberts house for a few months, and then to your grandma and grandpa passeys house before our big move to Texas. 

We have enjoyed every minute of your saucy personality (which gets saucier by the day). You LOVE to be held by your mommy and daddy. Jane attempts to pick you up about 22 times a day and is responded by 22 screams of protest very time, which then is followed by me saying "jane, please don't pick her up" or "jane she doesn't like that" to which jane almost always replys 
"She does, she likes it!"

Kate, you live to eat, smile, or sleep. We cannot shovel food into your mouth fast enough. your daddy is always amazed at the spoonful sizes I give you to which you reply with a gulp then follows your panic face until the next huge bite. 

You are a bean, so we have no clue where this food goes (well we do have a clue, you have zero problem in that area). You weigh a whopping 16 pounds with zero desire to walk because your half crawl/walk stance works great and again you love to be held. Oh, and no teeth yet.  

You have the most personality than any baby we have had. You are darling sweet but girl, you know what you want and when you want it. It's adorable! I love that you have spunk. 

Your siblings adore you. we already know that jane would stick you in her pocket if she could. But your other admirer is Harry bear, Harry is pretty much the luckiest boy to have you and you are the luckiest girl to have him. You can melt any frown right off his face. I am Talking 100% magic. I know you two especially will always have a special bond. Of course yor Everett's favorite as well. When he knows you have awkwend for a nap he sneaks into your crib and plays with you, it warms my soul to see the affect you have on very single member of this family. 

love you Kate. Your dad can't get enough of you! We love you and can't believe how quickly this year has flown by. Happy Birthday darling Katherine!

Love, your always admiring fans, 

The Roberts Tribe

This is your classic drama face. You Tip your head back let out a small oooooooo.... It's pretty much the cutest ever. 

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