Monday, March 3, 2014

Sealing my family roots

I have had so many thoughts going through my mind over the past few weeks. I have had some experiences lately with having Everett in school that has really awakened me to our worlds awful situation.

I have been sickened to hear of what kids at his tender age of 6 know, and What they causally say at recess. The family is being attacked at every corner. But boy, just try to get past my doorstep because this momma bear is oh so aware and the claws are out. 

Today i talked with Everett and Harry about some situations they will find themselves in (and have already) and how they can respond to it. They amaze me with their " choose the right" spirits. I am so grateful for this wonderful church, these are the last days. Instead of ignoring what is going on around us we as mothers and Latter Day Saints need to arm ourselves and our children with knowledge and truth. I have been open and honest with Everett and Harry and in turn they have felt safe and open with me. This job is harder than I ever thought imaginable. Buy with it's hardship has come so much strength. 

Late at night when everyone is asleep I sneak to my praying spot. I thank my Heavenly Father for the Angels that walk the halls of my home rejoicing with us when we rejoice and who mourn with us when we mourn. I am very aware of their support and the support of my savior. I am Grateful for my children who are turning me into the woman I have always dreamed I could be. I am grateful for my husband who supports me in everything I do, no matter what. I am grateful for the times I have felt my heart break from my own inadquacies just to be strengthened by my spirit crying out in prayer. I have never felt the spirit more powerful in my life as I have now, and that only happened when I decided to open my eyes and say "I will do what you want me to do, I will be what you want me to be." More and more we are shutting out the world. Our home is safe. It is our sanctuary. We are in charge of the spirit that resides in it for our children.

I have a strong testimony of this gospel and it's power in my life. These are exciting times that I am honored to be living in. I love my savior. I love my life as a mother, wife, and a Latter Day Saint. 

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OUR Coop said...

AGAIN thank you for the chills and faith I receive from your posts...Honest loving posts.I love you and am amazed at times who we have all grown up to be ;)
hugs xo