Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stepping back home

The warmth of my Mothers cooking almost carried us up to Logan. Instead of sugar plums dancing in our heads the night before, Jack and I dreamed of my mothers succulent ham, her warm mashed potatoes, and of course the guilt free melt in your mouth cheese cake. We could nearly smell it as we drove into the quiet valley of my home town. 
 Our seat awaits 
My Mom (if I haven't bragged enough already) is a master of many things. I can only  hope to have a smidge of her talent. 
"It's a beautiful spread mom" (inside Passey family joke. Stuart saves his family, don't judge ;))

Then came THIS.
Kendall Roberts born Christmas Day 2013

Yes. Yes she did. My Mother handmade this doll for Jane. She is amazing. In fact Jack and I are only allowing supervised visits with Kendall due to her rarity. She is a fifth child. 

The detail!!! She hand wove her hair into her head, she formed the features on her face. My Mother when creating her face flipped her over and with her Grandma Passey gentle tone said "well, hello there"  and she came alive. 

 I cannot even recall any other gifts given or received (except for Megan's homemade teacup candles, loved them). This was thoughtful beyond measure. 

We finished off our visit going to movies, staying up late talking, and visiting the temple. It was a perfect vacation. 

Everett's skylanders unfortunately attacked the chirstmas village, only a few casualties were reported. 
Small jam session with Shawn. My brother has so much talent and strength in life, I love him. 

On our last night  the kids gathered around for one last story 
We had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Ps. The ride home was awful. Bleh. 
We were all pooped, drained, spazzing, irritable, and Kate I think went 24 full hours of not sleeping. But we made it, and here we are almost two weeks later and are almost feeling recovered. 

We are all so grateful for family!


OUR Coop said...

I LOVE your Family;)

vintageblueballoon said...

I love your family!!!!

quinn and kristi said...

Just catching up. You have such a beautiful family!! Glad you had a good Christmas. Hope you are loving all the adventure. Oh, and love the hair!