Tuesday, January 14, 2014


It's been almost impossible to keep this space updated! But here I am, reporting for duty if you will. 

This year we loaded up the family and embarked on the biggest/longest road trip of our family career thus far. It was, 20 hours, 20 hours, did you get that? 20 hours. Just to be sure, there is a 2 in front of that 0. Gearing up for this trip was both exciting and nauseating. Many a sleepless night went into this trip. Thankfully my wonderful friend Alisa took my kidlets for a few hours so I could snack prep. 
Behold, the 20 hour car ride snack haul. I found all I could that was healthy, gluten free, energy sustaining, and most importantly yummy. 

We decided to be crazy and drive the 20 hours straight (sorry for repeating that a lot, I am still very impressed by it). We started at 7:00 Thursday night. We loaded the kids with their Jammie's on along with pillows, blankets, clothes, and of course gifts.

Jack and I took turns driving. The kids did great, they slept all through the night. as they dreamed of Utah holiday dreams,  Jack and I might have gotten super hyper and probably inapropriate. Anything to keep is awake right?
Pulling moves like you've never seen! 

By morning we had 400 miles to go and little people stirring in the back. The excitement of rolling into see our families was almost becoming a reality. We couldn't have picked a more perfect day nor a more perfect time of year. We were greeted with clear blue skies with a fresh blanket of snow. 

Then the festivities began!!!
Bob surprised everyone with a Christmas family mural. The kids loved it!

It was so fun to be in constant cousin chaos, our kids were in heaven. 

The Nativity

So wonderful to see the cousins come together to reenact our saviors birth. They were brilliant. 

Jack and I were able to slip away for an evening to go on a date with my parents to see ELF the Musical. It was a perfect evening (Kate we later found out was having a bad night, thank you Kay for your incredible paitence. She is super grandma) 

I love my Mom! She is the worlds best mother, I am so lucky to have her in my life. Don't we look like sisters?

We finished up our Roberts visit with a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner
There is no better way to celebrate and converse with family than eating (which we did a lot of)

Christmas morning we all awoke to yummy present surprises. 

After we opened our gifts we loaded up the car and headed to Logan, and that is another story. Hope you had a Merry Chriatmas!

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