Monday, September 9, 2013

Smoothing my feathers

Do you ever feel this way? Do you ever feel like your feathers have been so beyond ruffled that you don't remember how it felt to have them smooth?

That's me. That's my frame of mind. I have been rushing around feeling out of control. I feel a urgency to have my house look great. Especially with the holidays coming. I have the feeling that maybe if my house is put together we will all feel adjusted and put together.

But it has consumed me.

The things that don't matter I am sad to say have consumed my thoughts. When really my thoughts should be focused on my children and Jack.

Tomorrow I will work on getting well. I will lay on the floor with Harry and Jane. We will not care when we eat or thee messes we create. All that will matter is that we are together. Completely. Honestly. Us.

My dear darlings,

You are what's important. Please forgive me for being an impatient mom.

I am so flawed.

You make me perfect.

So the smoothing begins.

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