Sunday, September 8, 2013

On the move

Alright. Its getting more and more serious in these parts. Jack left almost a week ago to live in our new land of Dallas I believe the children's words to him as we dropped him at the airport were,
"Bye Dad! Go find us a house!"

We MISS him. But instead of drowning in my sorrow and stress I decided to come and live with my parents for the month, and boy are we having a blast.

My mom and I may or may not have stayed up till midnight last night watching movies and eating way too many dark chocolate truffles. I'm not saying that's what we did...

Moving on. The kids are loving grandma and grandpas but they are ready to settle in to Texas. I think they are just ready to see if we have been telling a big lie this entire time.

My mom and family really are the best. I am learning everything I can about good food and cooking before I go.

My mom is a master at food.

Seriously, she is worthy of a daily bow with fists together saying, "Sensei".

Its not just any food, its crazy cure your body of any ailment food, and its delicious. I cannot wait to get to Texas and make my own kefir, cheese, pickled cabbage and on and on. Its all amazing super food.

A - N - Y - W - A - Y.

We are enjoying ourselves. We are looking forward to being together as a family again, but the goodbyes are going to be more than I can bare. I can't barely even think of it. So let's not. Let's not go there.

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