Friday, September 6, 2013

Settling in

Its been a crazy 10 days. Wait scratch that, how about the entire year so far? Whew. I feel like we haven't slowed down in months. However we have had some great opportunities to spend quality time with family, by taking in the six of us until we could figure out this Texas thing. Our parents are amazing!

We flew out on August 19th. The flight was amazingly good. The kids did great, seriously, not one issue. Hallelujah! I was prepared for everything and was pleasantly surprised. The boys loved taking off, Jane's only issue was going through the plane's creepy opening (it is scary, don't blame her) but then she did great. Kate? She slept. Didn't even need to nurse her during take off. Ka-ching! 

We were welcomed to our new home by Jack's boss and family, the Chase's. who left a cute sign and spinners. I am so lucky to have Alisa. She has answered my every probing question for weeks now. Plus her daughter Allie babysat for us tonight and she was wonderful! We are Excited to have her babysit again! (Is tomorrow night too soon?... maybe)

To say we are adjusting would be putting it mildly. I didn't realize how tough my angel children could be! But with many prayers and some ingenuity of maki g some peace i had to whip out a monthly family moto. This months is " love each other always", I just might feel harmony again. Hopefully!

Part of the reason I haven't blogged is because insta-gramming is so much easier! I have found a new passion lately and that is health. I have had requests to share recipes here of what we eat. I can talk for hours on the subject of food and health (just ask Jack, thanks for listening to me ramble babe) and so I'll do my best to do that here. 

Bottom line, we are all mother's doing the best we can. We all do things differently and that's okay! That's great even! Trusting our own mommy instinct is one of the best tools we have. When we stop comparing ourselves and trusting what God gave us its freedom! Whew. Soap box much? goodness!

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Jodi said...

Good luck settling in. I'm with you, I've just been instagramming and not so much blogging.