Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dearest Jack

You are in your  third week in our soon to be home land of Texas. While you have been working like mad, we have also been working like mad.... (You know spending endless amounts of time shopping and hanging out with grandpa and grandma.)We are so incredibly lucky to have loving parents, who are such amazing examples.

I miss you like crazy and often fantasize what our lives will be like in our new house. I think mostly about Halloween (you know my obsession with this holiday) and how our decorations will look...wink. 

I think about Christmas and how weird I still think it is that we won't have snow. But i am excited to try something new.

I think about cooking. Boy, have I got some yummy new recipes to share, courtesy of my mother who you've said yourself is "the best cook".

Mostly I think of us. I think of our family we have created together, they are a fun bunch of rascals (remember they are 'your' children when they misbehave). 

I think of the wonderful memories we will create together. I love you. We are eager to come to you my darling.

Love always,



Angie said...

ummm details? Did I miss something? You guys are moving to Texas? What part? Life is full of adventures!

Jack said...

What's up Angie! Yeah, my job transferred me to our corporate offices which is in Dallas. I kinda knew if I was going to stay with this company that this was inevitable and they had been talking to us about it for a year so we finally gave in and decided to go for it!