Friday, September 13, 2013


Okay, literally I have typed the best posts to have them not save and erase! Grrrr. So instead of trying to recreate the magical (maybe an exaggeration) story of my journey thus far, let's just dive in.

I eat a gluten free, processed food free, organic, and mostly sugar free (except for some Lindor dark chocolate truffles and Haagen daz) diet. I believe in 90% good and 10% what you really want. It's a balancing act, and so worth the switch. Like the fact that I lost 5 lbs. in 2 wks. Eating full fat cream, meats, vegetables, nuts, and this amazing green smoothie. Or the fact that after 3 months of Jane being gluten free her awful bleeding eggsima went away and she was no longer constipated (TMI). So this works. Food heals.

Disclaimer, this is what I eat. Everyone is different. My views have stemmed from my mother's research along with my own. My Mom is brilliant, and one of the smartest people I know. My commitment  to healthy eating has stemmed from its unfailing results with me and my kids. However, it took me personally awhile to transition to this way of life. It takes a shift in mentality (more on that story to come).

Lets get started with the beginning of the day. "The green drink of life" because it is just that. You cannot compete with its incredible qualities in nutrients. There is not a better way to start your day.

KEFIR, this is the base for your smoothie. I just found a great resource for explaining kefir Here. She does a great Job and can tell you how to acquire "kefir grains" which you need to make the kefir (have I said kefir enough in this paragraph?).

Believe me, If you are serious about making this incredible concoction of pro-biotic goodness, you need to get your grains. Once you have them you will have them for LIFE. Also from the kefir you drain it and get "whey", Which is used for all of your fermenting. So get some!!! My mom gave me some of hers and I am eternally in her debt. Seriously, I am so proud of my grains (call it kooky :)).

Moving on

"The green drink of life"

  • 2cups kefir
  • 1tsp. Stivia powder. I got mine Here *(it's the green herb powder not the refined white sugar.
  • 1 scoop per person whey protein powder from Here *its important to get good whey protein. If you can't then leave it out all together. The reason this one costs so much is because its "quality not quantity" read up on it. Very good stuff. It will last you awhile too, because your not using very much.
  • 1 to 2 raw egg yolks a person   *i know this freaks people out. But the yolk is so rich in protein, And the yolk is safe in raw form,  it's the whites (so I've heard) that causes salamanilla. But really this is just what I do. Everyone has different methods and this is mine. So make it how you want :).
  • 2tsp. Whole flax seed *the ground flaxseed goes rancid within a few minute exposed to the air, so get the whole see
  • A big scoop of cold pressed coconut oil *got my big tub of it at Costco, it is also at SAMs. Make sure it's "cold pressed"
  • A big handful of kale *got mine pre-washed and read to go from Costco, gotta love that place. 
  • Then blend in your ice usually about 21/2 cups to get it where I like it. 
Let me know what you guys think! It's so full of incredible goodness. I love drinking it every morning and my kids and Jack love it!!! If you are tentative to start this process don't worry, so was I.  It came down to me really biting the bullet and purchasing all of the above ingredients, knowing that it was to give my family the best I can, and now I am kinda obsessed with it.

 The biggest key for me was when I started making my own kefir. Now the possibilities for healthy eating are endless. Get your grains. Get started. 

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