Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Wrap Up

What a fun Holiday right? Especially when you have kids who understand it and feel the magic of it! Although, we did have to re-explain a few times about the "true meaning" of Christmas. Btw the Elf on the shelf = creepy to me cannot do it. In the end...Success. 

Santa did indeed come
 (despite my threats, it got to a point where Jack said I had to stop threatening Santa not coming, it went like this "Honey, ease up on Santa")

 Don't you dare show your teeth in this picture...Good Boy

Our Favorite gift had to be the 6ft. TeePee my Mom made with the help of my two sisters who drew and colored the drawings on it. Priceless gifts like that make me cry, maybe because I am a boob, and maybe because it is so thoughtful, tear, love it. Pictures of the TeePee to come..

Now I am pooped, like giving birth pooped. You heard me, we just gave birth to Christmas in this house... Now onto the real birth in 8 weeks. holy moley.

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