Wednesday, January 9, 2013

33 weeks, nerd alert

Oh yes my friend, the 33rd week of pregnancy is upon us. I have honestly felt like this entire pregnancy has flown by,  I have been digging my heels into the ground to make it slow down...Obviously not working

The happenings of this week went as follows: 

I being a 90 yr. old woman was carrying laundry up from downstairs when I hit my foot on the corner of the couch resulting in a pulled groin muscle, immediately resulting in me as a huge, crying, crumpled up mess on the floor. Jack ran downstairs to help me, finding that he had to stifle his want to laugh at my pathetic awkwardness in trying to stand again, which made me laugh and curse at the same time.

 Because I am 90 or 33 weeks pregnant, he suggested that maybe we hire a nanny to come and do laundry among a few other things that are getting harder for me to do. Being as stubborn as I am I said "no, I can handle it, just a little longer" but in my mind I was thinking "Excellent Smithers" so we'll see about that one, maybe, maybe not. BTW two days later and I am feeling so much better, thought you would want to know.

33 wks including Everett getting coat on, and yes, bathroom mirror shots are back.

 I am figuring if I wear giant NERD glasses I can pull some attention away from bellynormous...Awkward face...again

This week has been full of highs and lows with this Monkey. I am praying that its a phase. I love him to pieces. At night I lay with him in bed and smother his face in a million kisses, its the only time of day we see eye to eye. I love you Harry, even though you think the baby in my belly is weird. 

I have embarked on a ginormous project. Lets just say, its 40 inches in diameter, obscenely huge. I have been to Home Depot 3 times with all three kids in the past two days. I am hoping for a good result at the end of all this work, pictures of my project to come.

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Blue said...

So Cute! Love the glasses! Glad you are feeling better. I was a total klutz while pregnant. I still have a gimpy shoulder because of it. Not much longer now. Can't wait to see what flavor you are baking.