Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A full Year

I honestly cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by, I feel like I am supposed to do some deep inner-reflection about what the last year has brought us... No deep inner-reflecting thoughts are coming...

Here is to 2013! May it bring in a healthy new baby, Jack's job and his hard work for us, and the kids starting school, Everett goes to Kindergarten, Harry in Pre-K, and Jane in her first year at Preschool.

Oh and me and baby snuggling on the sunlit floor, just us.

Last nights Toasts went like this:

Me: "To healthy children, and a healthy baby"
Jack "To a healthy New baby and lots of happiness
Everett: "Toast! Oh' and New healthy Baby!"
Harry: "Cheese Sandwiches!"
Jane: "Toast!"

Then I added: "And Food Storage!"......Crickets...... "is that lame? TOAST!"

Happy New Year!

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SKIPR said...

Haha! Funny! I love it:)