Monday, December 31, 2012

Little black dress

Jack, after seeing my awesome mirror photos on my previous blog posts said "hey, if you want me to take pictures of you I can"
Me: "What? My classy mirror photos aren't awesome?"
Jack: "If you ever want me to take some photos, I would love to"
Me: "alright, I will"

A few days later...

Our Sunday went a little like this. "Hey babe, could you snap a couple pictures of me?"
Jack with a chuckle "Oh, okay"

Me: "I feel awkward. Tell me what looks good"

Jack laughing: "Get your hand off your belly"

Me: "Lets do some Candid shots"
Me: "This is hilarious", Jack laughing

Jack "pretend your looking far out to Switzerland" both laughing hysterically
Jack, "Now, pretend someone just mooned you" 
we're so mature

So, there was our attempt at a photo shoot, aren't I a natural? Its no wonder Next Top Model isn't pounding on my door. So awesome.


Later we ate our traditional Ham Hock Soup 

Every year Jack gets a Ham from work and this is the end result after we have picked off and devoured the majority of the ham from the bone. Best soup ever.

Then, after we put the kids to bed Jack built me a fire and we continued to watch "Downton Abbey"

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cass miller said...

ha! I love this so much because I painfully shoot my "fashion friday" posts every week, and every week it's awkward and hilarious and I try to look vogue. ;)