Sunday, January 20, 2013

34 weeks

The other night I laid in my bed with Everett, Jack was out of town and Everett being my oldest effortlessly fills the role of Man of House. A little thing about me and Everett, we are close, not like mother and son close we are identical in spirit and emotions (don't get me started on the poor emotions I gifted this child, gift and curse).

The world was dark and quiet. Both of Everett's hands rested eagerly on my belly to feel the babies movements, meanwhile his head rested on my chest to listen to the rhythm of my heart. Laying there I was completely immersed in gratitude for my role as a mother, and for my beautiful Eldest son who I don't know how I would function without especially when Jack is gone. 

I love these little children of mine so much. Its the most rewarding job and the hardest thing I have done or ever will do.

Everyday is full of ups and downs, whether we are all singing at the tops of our lungs jumping on the beds (yes me too, the visual is awesome), to those hard moments where I have to teach right from wrong. I am so grateful at the end of the night when all kids are fast asleep... Mostly for reasons that the day is over! But by morning we are all excited and ready for a new day, a new adventure. 

Now, we are all getting ready to meet this new little life that will open another chamber in all our hearts, bringing in more love than we ever thought possible. We are so excited to find out if its a boy or girl, Harry told me last night "I think your having Frosty the Snow Man... I like Frosty" sweet.

Welcome Frosty

34 weeks

The Baby I assume has flipped down and it's cute (not so cute at times) little feet are up in my ribs, strumming away a Willey Neilson song, I am going to say it's "Beer for my Horses" I can never hear that song without cranking it up on the radio, Jack plays Toby Kieth while I sing in my killer Willey voice.... It's pure magic. 

But really, there are parts of my belly that are numb. 


Anne Peay said...

So beautiful and not looking like 34 weeks. Holding strong Mama of 4, amazing....holy cow your pregnancy has flown....

My friend just had a boy and named him Mads. Love it!


John & Leslie said...

So sweet, and well written. You are looking Great! So beautiful! Can't believe you are 34 weeks. I'm so excited to see what you're having! I'm guessing it's a girl! :)

Jodi said...

Looking fabulous! Seriously.

The Huffs said...

Just so you know... I did see the other post... I will post about myself. Just haven't gotten to it yet. You look so cute. We need to get together!

quinn and kristi said...

you look gorgeous!!!

Rachel Messel said...

Oh my goodness you are a cute pregnant girl...I envy your cute, tiny shape with little bump in front. You are darling and I can't wait to find out what your little one is, boy or girl!

P.S. your hair is so pretty and long!