Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Alive!!!

Something about this time of year gets me itchy for something ALIVE. I think everyone must feel this way, unless you like dead, cold, gray things...crickets... A-n-y-way, this very cold month led me to take a giant leap into outer-space and explore the unmarked territories of the unknown and make my very first Terrarium. 

While other pregnant women who have 6 weeks left before baby comes are fixing up nursery's, I have been consumed with Home Depot (project pictures to come) and the green house to make my home more inviting to us and baby, I am sure our new little bundle will appreciate the hard work we put into them, baby will say something like "Dang, look at those awesome Terrariums, I have scored indeed".

 Never mind the fact that we have 3 children and have nothing for baby: car seat? Overrated (not). Crib? Up at my parents. Non-gender Jammie's? Honestly you would think this is our first child. Wait, not true, usually with your first child you have EVERYTHING and much much more, and then you discover you spent a lot of money on things you don't ever use. Holy side tracked Beatrice. 

Moving on. Terrariums. 

 This was a perfect activity to do with these three monkeys

 Ta-Da! We love our little mini forests

 I am kinda obsessed with this little tree in particular. It smells like flowers and will even bloom little flower clusters. I mean really? Who doesn't love a mini flowering tree?

Success, I wish I had more room to do more! So much fun! Now, onto find a car-seat.


Anne Peay said...

Love, love these! So fresh and organic....did you already have the glass vases?

So excited for you!

SKIPR said...

So, so cute!! These are awesome! And haha- you crack me up! :) Good luck!