Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Last week while Jack was out of town I embarked on another adventure (not as easy as the Terrariums) of creating a sunburst mirror out of SHIMS. Not sure what Shims are? How pathetic! It's alright, I wasn't sure at first either, so I'll tell ya, they are wood wedges used in carpentry.

The best tutorial on this Sunburst mirror is here

Don't get me started on how many times my kids said "Really Mom? More shims?" This is a really involved project, its not hard as it is time consuming. Everett and I watched Pirates of Penzance to pass the time while putting our shim clusters together.

*note: it matters where you buy your shims. The tutorial said she bought hers at Lowes. Who knew there weren't a universal size in Shims? I went to Home Depot, the result was my shims being longer, therefore making my sunburst mirror 10 inches in diameter bigger. Its kinda huge, but I do love it.

Lots of wood glue. I made the mistake of letting this dry in my garage in the freezing weather....Which resulted in it not drying at all due to the cold. So me in my awesome pregnant glory sat out in the freezing garage with a blow-dryer, worked like a charm.

Sit back and enjoy your hard work... I would love a pedicure.

I loved every trip into Home Depot, the smell is AMAZING. 

Do you think eating one cup of dirt would kill me? My Doctor thought it would.

 Turns out I need more iron.

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Jodi said...

that looks so awesome! You are so crafty.