Thursday, January 24, 2013

Girls love their Daddy's

It's no secret that Jane is wrapped around Daddy's finger. I love these two together, I love Jack with all of our children. He wrestles the boys multiple times a day, and this little girl? Well she pretty much gets whatever she wants from him, which is usually her wanting him to hold her.

 It doesn't help that both Jane and I think that he is the most good looking man in the world. Dang!

 Another beautiful thing about this man of mine, is his thoughtfulness. 

While doing Eyelashes one night I came upstairs to find Jack doing a craft with all the kids, and this was the result

 Pure, beautiful, heartfelt art up on my fridge where it will stay for a very, very, long time. Oh, and I cried when each child handed me their creation, but what's new right? I cry all the time, but this time it was a very real beautiful cry. Thank You, Jack Roberts for being all mine. 

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