Friday, January 25, 2013

Theme Song

I had a moment driving in the car when listening to the radio. It was one of those s-l-o-w motion moments where life was feeling good. The sun was hitting my face the kids chatting in the background and then it happened, this years theme song blared on the radio.

I  had never heard it before, and for whatever reason it was a song I knew really well.

 I immediately looked it up on YouTube when I got home and LOVED the song even more when I watched the video (which usually I don't do because more often than not the video ruins the song) 

Alicia Keys nailed it. 

My theme song for 2013


OUR Coop said...

LOVE this song!!!! Yes for once this video does this song justice :) love you girl!

Anne Peay said...

love this song as well! Meg always says that it's a naughty song because the girl is on fire.