Monday, October 1, 2012

The SPOOKY month

October is my favorite time of year! I remember as a little kid loving the crunching leaves under my feet on my walk home from school and the smell of lots of candy coming my way. Ahhhh to be a kid again.

This morning when I woke up Harry (not a fan of scary things) said "Mommy I heard a SPOOKY sound outside". Then Everett said he thought it was a girl screaming and then proceeded to show us, gotta love these boys. p.s. I really hope it wasn't a girl screaming.

                 View from our back porch

Honestly how can you not love this holiday? The smells, the crisp air the anticipation of the holidays starting! I can hardly stand it! We also have a ginormous pumpkin in our front yard courtesy of Bob Roberts garden. When it was removed (with a tractor) we discovered a little family of baby mice under it, they couldn't have been more than a day old, :( sad! What was even more devastating (you know besides the fact that we had exposed their cozy little home) was Bob's immediate reaction was "Where are the Cats? They will love those!" Sick. I would rather not think about the circle of life but would rather think of those mice as in the animated movie of Rescuers Down Under living normal lives. I know, I'm weird.


Anne Peay said...

love, love the dollar store! i found the same crows there this year. and i love your wreath! you have such fun taste.

it wasn't until i started following a few friend's blogs (including nienie, more of a secret hero) that i really like vintage stuff. i have yet to find a solid "taste" for myself. i think it might be a mix of everything. i love primitive country things too. and some ikea modernish too.....augh i'm complicated.

love your posts!

Cooper Family said...

I lOVE LOVE your wreath did you make that?