Monday, October 8, 2012


So happy when October pulls around and we get to listen to conference and by listening I mean hear little blips here and there while catering to every need of three children. Awesome. I usually look forward to the Ensign with all the conference talks so I can read what I missed... Which was a lot. 

Still, we have our little tradition of having warm coffee cake the Sunday morning of Conference. something about it is indescribably good. Wait I'll try and describe it: warm, moist, cinnamony, brown sugar buttery goodness that almost instantly disappears in your mouth the second it enters in. Eh? Yumm! Maybe I should change the name, Coffee Cake and Conference, something sounds funny. mmmm....
She is sweet and cinnamony (that should totally be a real word) too

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Coach said...

Please send Shasta your recipe for your coffee cake. It looks awesome!!!