Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pre-School Grad.

At the beginning of the summer Everett had his Pre-School Graduation. I want to freeze Everett at this age, he is almost 5 and the most wonderful thoughtful boy a mother could ask for.

Yes, in case you were wondering Pre-School graduation is important in my book anything to show your child just how proud of them you are and how important it is to be a good student is a good thing.

I can always count of Everett to help clean up messes, give a toy to Jane, and always encouraging Harry with 'High Fives!" He is a sweet nut of a kid, always entertaining.

Slightly Gangsta
Loves Mario...Obviously
As of late I am a little overly emotional (duh, baby factory in progress) so, the other day I was sitting on the floor watching Everett play and I asked him "Do you know how much Mommy loves you?" before he could answer I started to tear up,
he then jumps in my arms and says "I love your happy TEARS!"

There you have it, a boy after my own heart. 

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The Huffs said...

So exciting that you guys are expecting again! Lets hang out soon.