Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day

Everett and Harry had their first day of school. Everett is in his final year of Pre-K and Harry is in his first year. They LOVE school, it was so sad seeing just how big my little  Harry is getting.

Jane will be joining in the fun next year. Which means I get a year of having her all to myself

To kick off the school year we celebrated by having a "Back to School Extravaganza" (thanks NIENIE for the idea) The Theme was 

I asked the boys what they wanted to eat for the feast, Everett "Chicken and Peas" Harry, "Rice and Butter" with both wanting cupcakes for dessert. Awesome

This year I thought it would be fun for them to color their place mats (which they loved) 

Everett drew his school and Jane added to it with her purple girly touch

We had a great School Feast. We stuffed our bellies full of Chicken, Peas, Rice, Gyoza, and Cupcakes. So excited for these guys to start their journey into school (tear)


Anne Peay said...

Fun idea, I love seeing what all my creative friends come up with for school traditions. You do remind my of nienie. Your vintage style. Have you known about her a long time? Isn't she amazing and wonderful. Well, you are too!

How are things going, hope you aren't to sick, Mama!

Annie Peay

Rachel Messel said...

What a cute idea! Hello creative! The pictures are great...miss you guys!