Thursday, September 13, 2012

My boyish boy

On August 26th my very boyish boy of a boy Everett turned 5. It's kinda a big number, I relate everything to having a baby in my womb at the time of birthdays and this time I do!

What can I say that I haven't already gushed about in past posts about this amazing boy. I can honestly say that Everett is in fact PERFECT. I know, I know, every mom thinks this about their child (or at least one of them) but if you don't believe me read the list below and then make your assessment:

Everett's Perfect List:
  • Clean
  • I mean clean clean, by the end of the day his clothes are immaculate. Don't worry I encourage him to PLAY and have never gotten mad at my kids for getting dirty, their kids right? But Everett is just clean.
  • Considerate, always the first to share
  • Loving
  • Smart super smart, he taught me what "Inertia" was the other day (if you didn't know, it means "in motion")
  • A good friend, he literally is the nicest and coolest friend ever
  • OBEDIENT! I never ask him more than once to do something. 
  • He puts his dish in the sink
  • He puts his clothes in the hamper
  • He washes his hands EVERY time when he goes to the bathroom (mom's, back me up, this is HUGE)
  • He tells the TRUTH every single time, even if its is something wrong that he did, he admits it!
  • Amazing memory
  • Not picky with food eats everything

So there you have it, a nice healthy list of being perfect. That is just a tiny bit of how amazing he is. But at the end of the day if all he showed was being kind and happy that is a perfect kid to me, everything else he does is a big fat bonus.

We had so much fun celebrating his Birthday. We had a Batman Birthday since both boys are obsessed with him.

This year Everett specifically requested for "Kids Only" at his party

Everett and Harry want to be Batman and Robin for Halloween so we ordered their costumes early so they could where them to the party, it was awesome! Especially how Harry wore his costume the whole day sweating like pig. 
Thanks for a great 5 years Everett! You are my lifesaver every single day! Thanks for being my buddy and helper, I am the luckiest Mommy in the world! ("Love you for Life")


Rachel Messel said...

Happy Birthday Everett! I can't believe he is 5! Ummm, and did I read it right? Are you pregnant?! If so, CONGRATULATIONS! If not, blame it on my own prego-brain ;)

John & Leslie said...

I miss that boy! He is so sweet! Looks like he had a great birthday!! Love and miss your family!!

John & Leslie said...

He is the sweetest boy! Looks like he had a fun birthday! Love and miss your family. xoxo