Sunday, August 5, 2012

A brief Intermission

My goal with this blog was to keep writing on a regular basis. Its been nearly a month of no updates, because I am awesome like that. No really, there is a reason why I have been "indisposed" if you will. 

We are so excited to for this new addition to arrive March 6th-ish. Whew, baby #4 is in the complete making.

So, as much as I have wanted to update I have been sick, sick. I do have many things to come from the many things we have done this summer (you know aside from becoming bff with my toilet). 

I must say the best part of this pregnancy so far is when Jack and I are together on a date (without the kids) and we are asked if we are pregnant with our first! I am so glad that our three children haven't taken our youthful looks yet. The look on their faces is priceless when we reveal that it is actually our fourth. Its still so weird to me that I am pregnant for the fourth time. CRAZY.


S.DAY said...

congrats! You crazy mom of 4!!!! You're brave :)

Erin Davis said...

Awesome! So happy for you guys. 4 is so fun! :)

Anne Peay said...

Holy Congrats! You go girl....3 has been WAY challenging for me.....I'm pretty sure we are done. I always wanted an even number though 2 or 4....WAY happy for you. You go Mama!

Hope you don't stay sick to long. Yuckerz!

God bless you dear,