Monday, July 2, 2012

Today Nephi

Today we all slept in. It felt great. Especially given our crazy and chaotic schedule due to trips, family events, and late night movies with Jack (John Carter = LAME). This morning I sat in my usual spot snuggled in my big floral chair in the corner of the living room (the reading room) and started into my scripture study. Usually I get about 30 minutes of study before the kids stumble out of their bedrooms with their sleepy like zombie walk. But today, they are still sleeping, which means my scripture time turned into a full hour and now I am here writing, kids still sleeping it's now 9:15. Nice.

I was reading in Nephi today, and it always amazes me at how powerful his spirit was, to understand and never question it. Come on Lamen and Lemuel, right? You have to moan every three seconds? I am sure Nephi was a little annoying in his unrelenting faithfulness at times. But I admire that! I want to be more like Nephi. I love how much he honors and trusts his father. He has complete trust in him, what an incredible gift. I would only hope one day that my own children will trust me in that way. That they will one day trust in their own wisdom and fly even soar to the highest mountains. I want my children to feel victory in challenging themsleves and and then their reward.

 When Nephi asked to see what his father saw he was given that opportunity to see miraculous things. Wow, we just need ask? How easy is that right? Let's be better at asking for what our hearts yearn to know, instead of feeling like we are not good enough to recieve it.

I learned so much today about my little spirit and it's need to expand and to grow.

 Ahhh, onto the rest of my day. It's going to be a good one I can tell.

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