Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday America

Last night Jack and Everett went to the Rodeo. I wasn't feeling my best and we thought it best for me to stay home with the other two rascals of our clan.

Jane fell right to sleep at 8:00 giving me her cuddled in look as she resumed the position of curling up into a ball with her two middle fingers placed in her mouth, looking up at me with her cheeky grin.

Harry, well we just hung out. I miss my Harry man. I am sad that I don't get much one on one with him.

We read books, and he let me read all of them from start to finish. Everett on the other hand is a talker, I literally cannot get through a page without him talking. It was nice to read. quiet reading with my Harry Bear.

Then he drifted off to sleep. Perfect.

Hearing the fireworks pulled me out to my front porch, where I sat and looked out at my view of the city watching at least 10 firework shows in the distance.

I sat content. More than content. In that moment I felt like life is truly perfect.

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to claim a "perfect life", but I love my life, it's full of perfect moments, and that is pretty perfect to me.

A little cute collection of red, white and blue, oh my!

Onto the next three weeks of non-stop travel for Jack. Busy guy. Love that guy.

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Tiffany Carter said...

PS. YAY I'm so excited about #4! congrats again!