Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today is the day Jack gets home from his trip. He's been gone since early Monday, I know not long at all, but when you are running the household on your own it gets tiring pretty fast.

Which brings me to my next point.

I love creating a stress free feeling when Jack walk's in the door from a long flight. Yes, I am one of those dreaded wives who wants to make things look picture perfect for her man. Jack never expects it, ever. But, today I decided to clean the entire house and then to really put the cherry on  top I mowed the lawn... In a billion degree weather with all three children playing around my feet.

I love surprises. It's something so small  huge I can do that makes a big difference.

So now it's the end of the night. I tell Everett that I am super tired and need to go to bed. He says "Why are you tired?" instead of reciting my list of tasks I accomplished today, I simply said "because I am a MOM" to to true right? He replies with "Well I like your hair".

I am looking forward to snuggling up with Jack tonight. Goodnight.

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