Monday, June 25, 2012


It's no secret that I was bullied as a child, weren't we all? I honestly believed people when they told me I was ugly. I believed that if I tried to look and act like everyone else they would like me. Silly me, they only pushed me down more, why? Well kids are mean. Truth right? I am trying to tell you just what I think is the truth. I should have believed more in myself so to not have constantly been a "human punching bag".

            *Human Punching Bag: Taking consistent blows from a bully, blaming yourself for being constantly hit and never fighting back. How can you? You are  by definition a HUMAN PUNCHING BAG! You cannot move, your are stuck, hanging there taking the blows (usually low). Day after painful day.

Ahhh, there is some hope for Human Punching Bags. You have the power to break free. What is that power? Confidence.

          *Confidence: Having a strong sense of self. Leading by not caring to lead. Being yourself. Being proud of who you are and where you came from.

I had no confidence in me. In fact the meanest kids, I tried the hardest to get to like me... I may be a little bit of a people pleaser... A lot little.

Moving on, Everett. He is just like me. He is the kindest most caring sweetness. His grandma told him one time (after some kids were mean to him and it got physical) that he should next time slug that kid in the tummy so they know not to mess with him. A visibly torn Everett with tear fill eyes says "I can't punch someone in the tummy, because if I do I will feel so bad and want to give them a hug". I scooped up my heart broken child and we both cried...

I don't want Everett to change. He is incredibly genuine. I have never met a kid like him. So how do you parent a boy who is sensitive, and help him to stay tender but strong? (I really do want more advice and tips on this, leave a comment).

 I want to just hold him close to me his whole life so he can't get hurt. Reality, he will get hurt. All I can do is teach him how to get back up.

Tonight I was talking to my very wise Sister-in-law's and the advice they gave was to always show them strength without the emotion (so hard for me, I am crier). Strength comes from within.

 I am strong therefore my kids will be strong, I need to trust in myself as a parent that I am being a strong rock for my kids. My example will have to be enough for them. It scares me. I want to shield them from every unpleasant thing. Whew. Relinguishing my need to control. "Steady Sarah, on your mark get set, relax".

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