Monday, June 25, 2012

Continuing on.

On day two we saw this.
Bryce Canyon

It's hard to believe that this beauty has been at my fingertips my whole life and this was my first time seeing it.

The two Bryce's in Bryce Canyon

Strike a Pose

Grandma and Harry
Eventually all the children were carried back up via shoulders

Our last stop was in Tropic where we all ate our final vacation meal before heading home.
I swear there is absolutely no good food in that part of the state, seriously I was floored by the bad quality. While at the restaraunt, we experienced the wrath of a very grumpy old man who yelled at my children and told us we didn't know how to control them.

 I was angry, sick, furstrated, gob-smacked. I immediatly swooped up my kids to shield them from the negative cloud that threatened to engulf us.  Jack (not being a contentious person) tried to talk with him but to no avail, the old man kept getting more angry, so sternly and  quietly Jack told the old man of how he needs to have some control of himself.  What's even more sad is his wife just kept pleading with her husband to behave.  I learned a great lesson later, no matter how people may treat us, my response is the best lesson I can teach others especially my kids. I talked to them about how sad that that old man was such an angry person and he lives with that all the time. I cannot imagine treating someone the way we were treated by him. So sad. Jack was right there being our protecter as he always is and I am so grateful for that.  So see ya later Tropic!

Overall we had a wonderful time. So glad my parents planned the whole event. I am grateful for my family!

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