Thursday, June 14, 2012

Singing in the Wee hours.

Last night we did the usual. Came up stairs from our resting place: aka TV room around 11:30. Checked on the boys in their beds, pulling their blankets up tight and kissing their little faces over and over till content. As we entered Jane's room she appeared to be completely out. So, I took advantage (like I have may times) to put away the newly folded laundry, which I folded in my resting place, I know, can't a mommy get a break? Nope. Continuing on. All of the sudden Jane is in Jack's arms (he is a sucker for her, as am I). Then it began...

11:40: Snuggling with Jane. Then making Jack put her back (she does not sleep well with anyone or anywhere other than her bed) so I didn't have to be the mean one. A few tears were shed, by her (had to clarify I am no that big a boob).

12:30: It's been quiet for a little while and then she kicks off with more tears and knocking at her door. Really knocking at the door? Nice touch Jane, how can you refuse that?

12:40: Giving in and snuggling Jane in her bed, while laying there she pet my hair and sang me songs.

1:00: Jane wide awake, me getting sleepy so I pull her into our bed again.

1:30: Jane sitting in the dark between sleepy mommy and daddy, moving her arms about and singing.

As I layed there watching her little arms dance in the shadows and with her sweet little voice "Lala LAAAA" I couldn't help but smile. I am blessed to have this little girl. She is mine. She is Jacks. She is Everett's. She is Harry's. We have been given this little gift and we all hold her so dear and close to our hearts. Jack laid her in her bed as she resumed the position two fingers in her mouth and curled up to her side, she finally went to sleep. But not without showing me that sometimes it's okay to sing at 1:30 in the morning. When your up your up. I would rather have a child awake singing than screaming. Counting those blessings one by one.

2:15: I finally closed my eyes and dreamed of Jack. I often do. Love him.

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