Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Arkansas Part I

Last week was fun. Wait. How can I have fun going to a place like Arakansas? Well, it doesn't take much to entertain me especially since having kids. I told Jack that I wanted to come on one of his business trips for a getaway. The Walmart Trade show is where they showcase their Borden Dairy product, it seemed like a perfect way for me to just sit around in my hotel room and do...Aboslutely nothing.

My parent's took the chore (although they would say otherwise, they love having our kids) of watching our kids for 5 days and 4 nights. Thanks to the folks!

My reading material for the plane. Thought I would see what all the buzz is about...
Verdict: Very well written. Incredibly disturbing. 

Coming on this trip gave me an opportunity to see Jack at his work. Jack works from home and travels a lot. It was great to see him with his other co-workers who I always hear about. 

Our first day of the Trade Show. I love seeing my man in action. 

Jack took me for a little gander around the place. Every product known to man it seemed was there.
Jack on the virtual reality snowboard game

Striking our favorite football poses in the Dallas Cowboys Hall of fame trailer.

Finally I made it over to Jack's booth. Borden Dairy yum.  they were handing out Chocolate Milk and the Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie. Both yummy. He really does have a great team of guys to work with, it put my mind at ease :)

Then there is THE main attraction Elsie
Elsie is the face of Borden. People were able to get a free professional photo with her. You would not believe the attention this little girly cow gets. 

More to come on our other adventures in AR-Kansas, I didn't want a picture overload...Oh wait, too late. 

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